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Denver is one of the top destinations for tech workers, and it offers jobs in every level imaginable. Some skills are more in demand in the city than others, and folks who know which tech professions to aim for will have the ability to tailor their training to meet the demands. Knowing about the top tech careers in Denver sets you up for success and gets your career on the right track. It also gives you the right push towards a rewarding and lucrative professional life.


Our guide has the facts to get your tech skills sharp and ready for the job market. In this article, we look at front end developers, security engineers, database architects, and web developers and show you how their salaries in Denver stack up against the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ national averages. We even show you which skills to pick up to compete for gigs. With our assistance, your next job search is sure to be short, sweet and profitable.


Front End Developer


A person works on a program next to a Python textbook
If you can keep the apps humming along, you can make a mint.


Denver is full of programmers, but many of them focus on either front end or back end development. Front end developers specialize in designing and building the client-side portion of applications and have unique skill sets. Denver is short on front end programmers and would be delighted to fill your wallet with cash if you have the chops to get the job done. Front end developers in Denver can make up to $110K annually, which is about $5K more than the national rate.


Front end programmers, unsurprisingly, deal mainly with languages used on the client’s end of the application. Get familiar with Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java to give yourself a solid foundation, but don’t stop there. C#, C++, and many other languages come in handy when developing client-side apps. If you need experience, build your own apps in your free time. Point to those projects to demonstrate your seriousness and abilities.


Database Architect


Books in a library
Learn how to design data sites for a handsome salary.


Many of the fastest-growing industries in Denver have some issues involving data. Tech companies count on their ability to store and quickly retrieve vast quantities of data, but the databases that those businesses use require attention and TLC. If you like to work with math and get a kick out of organizing and putting things where they should go, database administration might be for you. Denver pays its database admins a pretty penny; they make an average of $105K a year or more, which is $15K over the national estimate.


Database engineers live and breathe SQL, so add it to your training regimen. Get to know the wide variety of SQL platforms, including MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle. Linux knowledge gives you a leg up on the competition while picking up Red Hat and/or Ubuntu makes you a more attractive hiring prospect. And take the time to learn about network design, which comes into play frequently when you work with databases.


Security Engineer


A padlock on a door
Get paid to stop the baddies from getting inside the door.


You might not realize it, but there are digital wolves at the door at all times, and they want to break in and snack on the precious data that companies own. Securing data is big business, and the folks who do it well get lots of money for their troubles. Denver security engineers can make up to $15K over the national average salary of $90K, and that ain’t exactly hay. Do you like to stand guard and foil the black hats before they get a chance to sink their fangs into your precious information? A career in security engineering calls.


Security engineers work mainly with network gear and servers. As such, the more you know about the two subjects, the better you are at your security gig. Study Linux and the other key operating systems, including Windows and MacOS. Get your network training by taking Sun or Cisco certification courses; there’s a special track for security specialists that gives you practical experience on equipment and prepares you to start working in the field. 


Web Developer


A person works on a website
Work behind the curtain to keep the web doing its thing.


Who would’ve thought, when they accessed their first website back in the 90s, that it would only take a quarter of a century to make a high-profile web presence a requirement for companies that want to succeed? Businesses count on web traffic to drive sales, marketing, and every other metric you can think of. Denver pays web developers lots of green to keep the sites humming along, too. Local web software engineers can make up to $98K a year, which is more than $20K above the national average.


Get ready to study programming languages if you want to find work as a web coder. HTML, CSS, Python, Java, and JavaScript all get plenty of use when you develop websites. Become an expert at the development cycle, which governs the rhythms and pace of your entire web programming team. And don’t skimp on soft skills training, as communication with the team is crucial to project success.


Denver is a fantastic place to flex your tech muscles, but it’s essential to find a field that pays. Our look at Denver’s top tech careers shows you the jobs that offer interesting challenges alongside bankable income. It also gives you everything necessary to get your professional life up and running.


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