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According to a Global Startup Ecosystem report, Denver is one of the most outstanding cities for tech growth this year. The city is on par with other tech hubs like Seattle, Singapore, and Vancouver. This report was based on financial growth, available funding, and global succes. The results showed how Denver stands out among other cities because of technological development and the number of successful companies. Now that we know this, let us find out which are the best Denver companies to watch in 2020.




G1ve logo
The “1” in G1VE’s name stands for the one percent of revenue donated by users.


G1VE is an award-winning next-gen platform that modernizes giving charity, connecting individuals, businesses, and nonprofits. The growing company is excited to meet fellow happy, techie dorks, disinterested in the status quo. Using G1VE, businesses can support great causes, strengthen their brand, and engage with customers.


Users can decide what percentage of revenue they want to donate and then select one or many nonprofits to give to. After that, G1VE calculates, collects, and distributes the donations monthly. It also provides user reports and a customizable public profile page to showcase user donations.




Avanoo’s app user interface

Ava in Finnish means “open” and Noo in Old English means “now.”


Avanoo brings together the world’s oldest artform – storytelling – and the world’s newest technologies – AI, machine learning – to support teams in experiencing more connection, belonging, and performance with stories. Avanoo’s app makes it easy for employees to share and listen to each other’s stories wherever they are, and its insights dashboard makes it easy for leaders to understand where and how stories create a lasting impact on their teams. 


Avanoo was founded in 2013 by Daniel Jacobs and Prosper Nwankpa who decided to begin a journey to transform organizational workplaces with powerful stories and cutting-edge technology. The company has raised $7.9 million in two seed fundings. Avanoo has supported the culture and storytelling needs of organizations like Google, Kaiser, KPMG, NBC, and many branches of the government. 




Handshaking founder Matt Holmes

Handshaking only hires full-time employees that are from and live in the Philippines.


Handshaking offers clients the tools necessary for branding and networking hack. With Handshaking’s help, customers learn how to leverage their brand to generate more leads, network better in person, and grow their audience. Team members value public professional lives, personal brand, solutions, and transparency. They also understand conflict is an opportunity for improved results.


Handshaking offers great employee benefits and perks, like annual office upgrade stipend, one week paid vacation, one week paid medical leave, electronics upgrade, monthly WiFi stipend, annual paid team retreats, annual bonus, emergency loan, birthday gift, and remote work.


Flex Gym Share


The Flex Gym Share website
With the Flex app, get access to yoga, boxing, spin classes and gyms of all types for the best prices anywhere.


Flex is the first platform for sharing ​virtual​ assets: underused memberships. Flex’s application, Flex Gym Share, lets members of gyms and studios sell days that are not in use. This lets members earn money while providing Flex users the most affordable on-demand passes to yoga, CrossFit, classes, and gyms of all kinds. Gym members can donate days to nonprofits they care about, enabling more people to access high-quality fitness experiences.


Flex is on a mission to help us enjoy more fun and active lives. It achieves this by removing cost as a barrier for millions to enjoy quality fitness facilities, helping people join communities that support, developing inclusive solutions so underprivileged communities have access to fitness opportunities, and keeping high-quality fitness business thriving. The startup has raised $310,000 in funding.




speaker in one of Unreasonable's events
Unreasonable partnered with Nike to launch the world’s first accelerator to benefit 250 million adolescent girls currently living in poverty.


Unreasonable’s mission is to drive resources and break down barriers for entrepreneurs solving important problems. Its vision is to create a world where our most valuable and influential companies are those solving humanity’s most pressing challenges. 


All full-time employees at Unreasonable Group have comprehensive benefits, including health, vision, and dental insurance. They also have access to company contributions, a Simple IRA retirement plan, unlimited paid vacation, a mandatory minimum aggregate of two-weeks off per employee per year, 12-weeks paid parental leave and access to a learning fund, which can be used towards work-related endeavors or to simply follow their spiritual, physical, intellectual, or personal curiosities.


VIDYA Formulated Hemp Therapy


VIDYA ice gel, balm stick, and extract oil.
VIDYA bridges the knowledge gap for the everyday consumer by conventionalizing hemp therapies for traditional daily self-care routines.


The word vidya in Sanskirt means “knowledge and clarity”. VIDYA Formulated Hemp Therapy is a lifestyle and commitment to healthy living. VIDYA formulas were developed through years of research and testing of hemp extracts and their impact on the human endocannabinoid system. Its unique program pack design delivers optimal daily performance with a simple three-step daily self-care routine. The program includes three products, three easy to use dispensing methods, and three quick application steps to deliver accurate dosage control and application consistency necessary for maximum efficacy.


Since launching VIDYA in May 2019, the company has developed a proven concept of efficacy through anecdotal evidence and market viability through the retention of subscription sales revenues. The VIDYA Joint & Muscle Program serves as the catalyst for expansion into the clinical space, where the company develops an exclusive clinical line of product through the development of a personal healthcare device and expansion of its telehealth platform.




The Gearo team
Gearo is a curated marketplace for outdoor gear.


Gearo’s mission is to simplify the rental gear discovery and booking process. The company partnered with the best rental retailers around, equipping them with the management tools needed to grow while providing gear-seekers with a convenient view of bookable online gear rentals. Gearo’s platform provides its users with inventory management, customer management, reporting and analytics, and marketplace exposure. 


Gearo’s employees have benefits like 401K, unlimited vacation, full health insurance coverage, and also get outdoor adventure and gear perks.




A CyberGRX team photo
CyberGRX offices are located in bustling downtown Denver, just a few blocks from the recently reimagined hotspot Union Station.


CyberGRX provides enterprises and their third parties with the most cost-effective and scalable approach to third-party cyber risk management today. Built on the market’s first third-party cyber risk Exchange, CyberGRX arms organizations with a dynamic stream of third party-data and advanced analytics so they can efficiently manage, monitor and mitigate risk in their partner ecosystems. Simply put, CyberGRX enables organizations to grow by building confidence in the security of their ecosystems. The CyberGRX exchange community offers many benefits like risk and costs reduction, third-party program streamlining, and saying goodbye to shared spreadsheets.




RxRevu’s team members on an outing
The SwiftRx® Suite offers three solutions to promote cost transparency, improve satisfaction, and advance data-driven medication saving opportunities.


RxRevu is on a mission to give providers the tools they need to prescribe the right drug, at the right cost, the first time. RxRevu is a Denver-based technology company and leader in the Real-Time Prescription Benefit space. With RxRevu’s Prescription Decision Support technology, they give prescribers pertinent coverage and cost information at the point-of-care, helping to improve patients’ financial experience, safety, and satisfaction.  RxRevu has developed partnerships with the largest EHRs and payer/PBMs in the country, and has a deep understanding of what is needed to make price transparency a reality for health systems.




The Inboxlab team

Likemind aims to expand perspectives through the wonder of learning.


Launched in 2018, by Nicholas Pardon: artist, email entrepreneur and creator; Likemind aims to expand perspectives through the wonder of learning. In order to accomplish this mission, they make learning fun! By connecting education to the (he)art of play, they produce exceptional brands and deliver free & fun learning experiences to the inbox everyday.


The Likemind team shares four core values, lived daily by each of them: radical connection, insatiable curiosity, intentional intrepidness and infectious optimism. Living these values, they are able to operate seamlessly as a distributed workforce, working collaboratively around the world. Joining Likemind is simple: just be curious!


Collective Retreats


Collective Retreats in New York city
Collective Retreats offers luxury outdoor accommodation for any kind of traveler. 


Collective Retreats is a new, meaningful way to travel. Each retreat the company offers is located in an iconic destination and features luxury outdoor accommodations, exceptional culinary experiences, and genuine hospitality. 


Peter Mack and Cristina Devito created Collective Retreats because they love to travel and believe in its power to help people connect—to places, to other people, and ourselves. The startup raised $2.5 million in its last seed funding. 


Collective Retreats build their brand around symbols that were used long ago by travelers, they give a personal symbol to each guest and team member.




The Intrinsic team members during an outdoor activity
Intrinsic’s mission is to serve as a trusted partner to private equity investment professionals and their management teams. 


The story of Intrinsic begins and ends in an ethos that harkens back to the days of the craftsman, serving one client at a time. Since 2009, Intrinsic has grown alongside its clients by providing services throughout the investment lifecycle, and later, helping clients calibrate investments and mitigate risk through transaction advisory.


Intrinsic now brings a cadre of investors that includes some of the most accomplished professionals and academics in the fields of private equity and entrepreneurial finance. This dynamic informs the firm on what is essential from the board and across its growing organization.


Think Tree Studios


Aric Franzmeier, president and founder of Think Tree Studio
Think Tree Studio’s portfolio includes Healthio, WiCis Sports, and Luminaid. 


Think Tree Studio is an app and web development company that offers services in mobile development, web development, UI/UX design, Bluetooth, and the internet of things. Think Tree Studio’s development process consists of five steps. The first is to build a strategy to identify the concept and the direction the project is going to follow. Second, is the design phase where they create mockups of the project that will impact the market. Then the development and launch phase where they build the app with an Agile process and launch it after it passes tests. And Think Tree Studio’s services include maintaining and updating the apps they developed.


Hotel Engine


Hotel Engine team members at the office
Hotel Engine last year hit one million room nights booked.


Privately owned and owner-led, Hotel Engine is a Denver-based, high-growth travel company that focuses on one goal: to make lodging management easier for businesses. Hotel Engine serves industries like construction, transportation and logistics, oil and gas, retail, healthcare, and more. It has customized hotel reservation and management solutions built for the control, transparency, billing, and support needs of large and small companies. More than 25,000 businesses are using Hotel Engine in more than 180 countries. Employee benefits include medical, dental, vision, and supplemental insurance, 401K plan, paid volunteer opportunities, discounted hotel rates, craft brews and ciders on tap, and unmatched views of the Rocky Mountains.




The Fullhub office
Thanks to Fullhub, businesses canmanage their entire cannabis operation from front to back with mission-critical tools.


Flowhub makes safe cannabis products accessible to every adult on Earth. Flowhub values customer relations, curiosity and change, and the pursuit of innovative solutions.


Flowhub employees have great benefits and perks like 401K, unlimited PTO, full health, dental and vision, company and culture events like Joint Rolling Happy Hour, sparkling CBD water and beer on tap, and dog-friendly offices.




The Homebot Team
Homebot started with three guys sitting in their workstations in the common area of Galvanize.


Homebot reinforces the idea that transaction is not the only thing that matters when purchasing a home. It is also about the relationship before, during, and after that makes a professional add value to homeowners.


Top agents and lenders use Homebot to empower homeowners in turn, generating more repeat and referral business. According to their website, 83 percent of personal wealth comes from home equity.


Today, Homebot is a dynamic financial dashboard designed to help homeowners save money and build wealth with the single largest asset that they may ever own – their home.




Soona’s photo stock
Soona offers photos for $39 each, and videos for $93 each.


Soona produces quality photos and videos and its mission is to make professional content more affordable, accessible and available for all. Soona revolutionizes content creation by providing beautiful and affordable photos and videos within one day, all for less than the price of stock content.


Soona’s platform is home to a fast-casual content experience. Customers who need a new e-commerce image, social media video or banner for their website can make an appointment, attend a shoot in person, or shop for content.


Good Buy Gear


Good Buy Gear team members with their children
Good Buy Gear does all the hard work. 


Good Buy Gear was born out of frustration with the process that currently exists for buying and selling used stuff. This pain point is further exaggerated when you have children. Parents do not have extra time to take pictures, upload listings, negotiate on price, and meet a buyer to exchange goods for money.


Good Buy Gear has helped thousands of families become more efficient, own less, and extend the life of great kid gear. With its team of passionate company evangelists, Wingmoms, Good Buy Gear is spreading awareness to move from a disposable society to a recycling society – one gently-loved stroller at a time.




Fabriq team members
Fabriq’s platform has a social health quiz that helps users identify social weaknesses and strengths.


Science-backed and the first of its kind, Fabriq is designed to improve your social health and build better social habits. With Fabriq’s app, you can add people to your circles, keep notes, set reminders, track connections, and get notified when it’s time to reconnect. 


Fabriq employees value authenticity, collaboration, community-building, accountability, determination and hunger for growth. Employee benefits include a dog-friendly office, unlimited PTO, stocked kitchen, work from home Wednesdays, flexible hours and medical insurance, among others.




Amaze staff at the office
Amaze’s user-friendly mobile technology is a real game-changer – patients can set up their account in seconds, and explain their medical history to a real medical care provider.


The key to taming the cost of healthcare is to put patients back at the center of the system where they belong, equipped with the knowledge, skill, and self-confidence to make good decisions. That is the reason for the creation of Amaze. Amaze combines education with a subscription-based mobile service that provides its clients with everything they need to know to manage their health care. The Amaze app offers its users direct access to live support from Amaze’s staff of health advisors and medical professionals, one integrated space to access all healthcare services, encrypted electronic personal health information, and encrypted two-way communication with Amaze.


Well Data Labs


Well Data Labs University is a series of courses to educate its new hires about the oil and gas industry.


Well Data Labs was founded in 2014 to make a difference in the oil and gas industry by managing, analyzing, and reporting completions data.


Well Data Labs’ employees have benefits that include competitive salaries, one month paid time off, stock options, health, dental and vision insurance and a 401K company match. 


Well Data Labs also offers many perks like an awesome office location located in the heart of downtown Denver, great coffee, commuter benefits, cell phone stipend, charity matching program, no emails at night or on the weekends, snacks, work from home Fridays, and quarterly company outings.




Digible’s team at the office
Fiona is the first product of its kind to fuse artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics with online data points and offline research. ble’s team at the office


Digible’s mission is to help Digital Marketers and Operators achieve their goals through world-class services and technology. Digible focuses on digital marketing, data, and technology. Digible decided to design a technology called Fiona which is a predictive platform to save apartment marketers time and money by recommending budgets and strategies that drive maximum ROI. Digible offer its employees great benefits and perks like 401k match, stock options, flexible work schedule with the ability to work remotely 2 days / week, weekly team lunches, employee trip incentives, and annual retreats.


Boom Supersonic


The Boom Supersonic team
With Boom Supersonic’s jets, people can go from Sydney to Los Angeles in about six hours instead of 15.


Boom Supersonic’s XB-1 is history’s first independently developed supersonic jet demonstrating safe, efficient, and sustainable travel. Boom’s airplanes not only are faster than their conventional counterparts but are also greener, which was considered during every step of development processes. 


The XB-1 is 100 percent carbon neutral, using alternative low-carbon jet fuel. Overture, the company’s other aircraft, is developed to be the world’s fastest civil aircraft. Flights that are twice as fast will bring more people, places, and culture into our lives. 




Pepper founders Lia Winograd and Jaclyn Fu
With Pepper, women can forget about awkward bra gaps or crazy padding.


Pepper is a brand for women with small boobs, starting with bras. Traditional bra brands have created crazy aspirational body standards that are impossible for most of us to achieve without a very expensive, unnecessary boob job. 


Pepper started with bras, but it is building much more. The Small Squad is Pepper’s community of women banding together, celebrating each other, and conquering body stereotypes once and for all. 


Pepper was launched in 2017 as a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $10,000. It reached 100 percent of its goal in the first 10 hours, and at the end of a 13-day campaign, had 950 backers.




Wedfuly team members
Wedfuly offers two plans for your dream wedding.


Wedfuly takes the stress out of planning your big day – your wedding. The company partners with brides and grooms to be to establish a venue and wedding timeline. 


The process consists of first a hop on a 30-minute call with a Wedfuly team member to learn more. Second, get the company up to speed on where your wedding plan is currently. Wedfuly’s platform makes a Pinterest board of your vision for your wedding. 


Based on all this, Wedfully will make specific budgets for each vendor category. If you are happy with everything so far, Wedfully will put you in contact with all the specific vendors, and from there you just have to say “I do” on your big day.




The Shotzr office
Shotzr’s global network of photographers continuously contributes content to its library.


In a world with nearly 10 billion screens, customer experience and attention are driven through imagery. So, Shotzer has built a platform to connect digital marketers with the image resources they need — to provide better content, a more responsive network of contributors, and richer data capabilities that empower users with new types of image services. Shotzr’s mission is to deliver the right images for every marketing moment.


Shotzr’s employees have great benefits and perks like paid health care, employee stock options, 401K, exciting working environment, generous PTO, paid holidays, paid sick days, happy hours, and team outings.




DispatchHealth workers on call
DispatchHealth has partnered with the leading health insurance companies to ensure that your care is covered under your current plan


DispatchHealth envisions creating the most advanced and complete in-home care model in the world. DispatchHealth allows patients to request a medical team via its mobile app, website, or a quick phone call. 


DispatchHealth’s medical team is equipped with the necessary tools to provide advanced medical care in your home.


DispatchHealth employees have benefits and perks that include career advancement opportunities, quarterly volunteer opportunities, healthcare benefits, and 401K. The company offers employees to be part of an organization that is humanizing and transforming the way society does healthcare.




Gofire team at a charity golf event
Thanks to the Gofire app, users can understand what is in their medicine. 


The Gofire Health Suite is designed for patients and their caregivers with transparency at every step. Gofire will empower you to confidently recommend plant-based medicine with data-driven feedback. Patients deserve the same consistency and repeatability they have with all other medications. 


Gofire will allow them to track efficacy and monitor adherence with all of your patients from one portal. From pain relief to sleep, the Gofire Community helps you find products for your desired outcome. DoseCodes and SmartCartridges store the chemical profile of each product, so the app can tell you exactly what’s in each dose.




SonderMind team members
SonderMind helps you find a licensed therapist who accepts your insurance and is available to see you either in-person or online.


SonderMind is a company that makes it easy for people to approach, access and use their mental healthcare benefits. SonderMind creates a wide network of qualified therapists and accommodates the complex and changing needs of those seeking therapy. 


SonderMind values passion, ownership, transparency, courage, empathy, and bucketworthiness. SonderMind awards employees who have exemplified company values through their behaviors.


SonderMind provides exceptional employee benefits including paying the majority of the cost for employee’s dental, vision, and medical premiums, 401K, mandatory vacations, stock option grant, and a competitive salary.




C3LX team members during a marathon
C3LX proprietary psychographic segmentation model is founded in years of research covering over 30,000 patients and 2,000 physicians.


C3LX is a company relentlessly focused on supporting direct care practices with technology that delivers seamless, secure, personalized, and effective connections between physicians and patients. It believes in 360-degrees of engagement in an individual’s health journey. C3LX cares about the complete view of an individual and population’s health, connecting patients with their physicians and care teams in a meaningful way and not just during disparate episodes of sick care.


The benefits C3LX offer its employees are competitive compensation, three percent matching IRA, $500 per month benefit allowance, flexible work schedules, three Weeks PTO, insurance coverage, healthy snacks and drinks, local volunteering and paid volunteer time, a dog-friendly office, open office floor plan with beer on tap and ping pong, bad coffee, and game night happy hours.




Storyvine team members during Christmas
Whether it is sharing an intimate testimonial or empowering brand ambassadors Storyvine makes powerfully compelling video content accessible.


Storyvine is a video company dedicated to returning the human element to technology. The company gives customers the ability to capture and share polished videos able to improve business engagement, sales, and customer and employee retention on a scale previously impossible. Storyvine’s Guided Video taps into the market to serve as a bridge to professional production and user-generated content. 


The company grows and builds a team of assertive, organized, polished, and passionate professionals. Employee benefits and perks include paid vacation and working with a small but mighty team of people. “Human’s matter” is one of Storyvine’s core values and it is a lens to view almost every aspect of the business.


Top Notch QA


Top Notch website
Top Notch offers nine different services to its clients to ensure quality results. 


Top Notch QA is a company focusing on software and web application quality assurance. It has 45 years of combined expertise to provide the confidence you need when searching for a QA shop. From banner ads to full web applications, Top Notch has industry-leading tools to partner with you to be sure products are at the highest level of quality. 


The company is trusted by ad agencies and large corporations alike due to its expertise. Top Notch has received numerous awards from editor’s choice to best of breed awards. Denver based and globally focused, Top Notch is trained and ready for all of your QA needs.




The Frontsteps website
Never again will resident requests overwhelm your team or fall through the cracks.


Frontsteps’ solutions are uniquely designed to fulfill the needs of property management companies, condos, and residential communities. 


The modern community demands guidance and care. Frontsteps’ powerful software provides communities with peace of mind through integrated security solutions, instant access to a streamlined community resource hub, and simplified management tasks. One of its products is Caliber, which enables your management team to administer the entire organization’s finances.


Sopris Health


The Sopris Health website
Sopris Health delivers a soap note immediately without back-end support for teams translating an audio file.


Sopris Health offers the only fully automated digital assistant for healthcare documentation. 


Providers who use the Sopris Assistant application on average reduce the time spent on documentation by 80 percent. Sopris Assistant gives users the benefits of immediate, accurate, compliant, mobile, intuitive, and EHR integrated assistance. Sopris’ chat-style interface is quicker than dictation and more accurate than voice-only solutions. It uses a proprietary AI platform that combines chat, chip, and choice to deliver a clinical note directly to your electronic health record.


Integra Ledger


Integra’s website
Integra was a founding member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium.


Integra Ledger is an enterprise blockchain designed to improve data integrity, data security, interoperability, and productivity in the legal industry. It is developed using the open-source Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. Specifically, it can be used to confirm the authenticity of contracts, confirm contract status, improve security and privacy of documents and contracts, improve data interchange between corporate legal departments and law firms, and add functionality to existing software systems. Integra Ledger’s software offers foreign keys as a service, smart contracts, veritas nodes, and hashed data. 




Assignar’s website
According to Assignar’s website, the company is number one rated, easiest to use and more affordable.


Contractors are the reason Assignar exists and dirty boots sit at the core of everything it does.  


Assignar understands the actual challenges in your office and field because it has been there. Assignar’s entire customer success team simply “gets it.”  The company couples in-depth industry expertise with empathy for the industry so that you can overcome disruptions. 


The mobile app provides connected data that gives you instant access to the status of every worker or equipment qualification, certification, compliance, and availability. Schedule crews and equipment, manage compliance quality and safety and monitor progress from a single platform, Assignar.


The Black Travel Box


The Black Travel Box website
The Black Travel Box on-the-go essentials are easy to throw in your gym bag or carry on giving you the freedom to be you.


Travel is growing in our community. More of us are exploring the world with a level of freedom that our ancestors could only dream of.


BlackTravelBox® gives women of color a brand they can trust for their travel personal care needs. Black travelers have few places they can find products that work for their hair and skin care needs. 


Black Travel Box is here to help you travel in confidence. It gives you the products you need to put your best foot forward and rock those selfies. The Black Travel Box’s products include lip balm, body balm, conditioner bar, and hair balm.

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