The Galvanize Denver campus


Denver is a high-tech hub and one of the most exciting locations for prospective tech workers. To compete for the best programming and software development positions, it’s essential to get the proper training. Denver is host to schools that offer training for the hopeful coder, and Galvanize Denver is a choice worth considering.


This article looks at Galvanize Denver and digs into its offerings and outcomes. We look at the campus’s location, financial aid options, and we even let you know how former students regard the school. Our Galvanize Denver review lets you in on every important detail about the school.


School Overview


Galvanize was founded in 2012 and has campuses in the major U.S. tech centers, including New York, Los Angeles, and Denver. The school aims to bridge the gap between education and industry by bringing students, tech companies, and cutting-edge education under a single roof. Galvanize has graduated more than 8,000 data science and software engineering students and has verified their positive outcomes through the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). 


Galvanize Denver 


The Galvanize Denver students at work.

Students hard at work at the Denver campus.


The Galvanize Denver campus offers courses and schedules similar to the offerings at its campuses in other cities. 


The Galvanize Denver campus is located at 1644 Platte St. and has five classrooms and ample community workspaces to help students train and network. The campus is a short walk from Union Station, Riverfront Park, and offers easy access to Denver’s bike trail network. Galvanize Platte additionally features a restaurant and a private gym on the first floor. The campus is open daily and most evenings, as well.


Local Offerings


Galvanize Denver meets its students’ needs with either full-time or part-time coursework and provides options for both in-person and real-time online classes. The school prides itself on its curriculum, which is a rigorous one that provides students with the tools to help them become fully realized tech workers in their chosen fields.


Galvanize focuses on two main career tracks and trains students in either data science or software engineering.  Both disciplines are in high demand in Denver.


The software engineering bootcamp teaches computer science fundamentals, JavaScript, and the application design process as well as a variety of languages, frameworks, and libraries. 


Data science students learn from a Python-based curriculum and study best practices in statistical analysis, natural language processing and recommenders, machine learning, and prediction. 


All courses cost $17,980 if tuition is paid upfront. The school also offers pre-course work to bring students up to speed before class begins.


Admissions Process


To reserve a spot in one of the courses, submit an online application and take the evaluation exams associated with your selected course. After you complete the prep work and complete the assessments, students interview with an admissions counselor to confirm that they’re serious and have the skills and drive to succeed. Once the student passes the evaluation and interview, they select the course schedule that’s right for them.


Finance Options


Galvanize offers tuition assistance through income share agreements (ISAs), which allow students to pay their tuition once they complete training and begin their first job in the field. The school also works with lending partners like Skills Fund and Climb and offers scholarships to qualified applicants. Military veterans also have the option to pay for class with their G.I. Bill and VET TEC benefits.




Many former Galvanize graduates have compelling success stories. For example, Daniel Kim came to Galvanize directly from the U.S. Marine Corps and found that the students in his class were all highly motivated, qualified for the course, and ready to work as a team. He now works as a cloud software engineer at IBM.


Galvanize has a robust job placement program and works with its students to develop their personal branding, interviewing, and networking skills. The school also has ongoing career services support for its alumni.




Galvanize charges more for its course than some competitors, but their curricula are all high quality and their students have exciting outcomes. You’ll find graduates from Galvanize in many of Denver’s fastest-growing industries. Those factors and the associated support the school provides for job placement and career services makes this school worth a visit.

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