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As a tech-minded Denverite, you want to find the hot fields and train yourself up to compete for the best gigs. Understanding the fastest-growing industries in Denver will provide you with a view of the business market and prepare you to select a winning profession. When you have a notion of the top key industries in Denver, you will know how to plan your education.


That’s why we developed this handy guide. In this article, we offer information on the best Denver tech industries for new tech workers and folks who want to shift their careers into high gear. You’ll learn about how to jump into web development, drilling support, and other up-and-coming fields in Denver. Before long, your skill set will keep you employed and earning for as long as you wish.


Web Development


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Looks like this internet thing is gonna stick around for a while.


Our modern world runs on the web, and the people who know how to create apps and new websites can write their own paycheck. Web programming is all the rage across the globe, and Denver is no exception. There are loads of web development companies doing big business around the city, and with just a little study, you can join them and find yourself in a career that only gets more essential with time.


To be a competitive web developer, fill your brain with programming languages. You’ll do well if you learn Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Java, but the more languages you learn, the more valuable you’ll be. Bone up on the development cycle, which governs the rhythm of life as a programmer. You can get your coding education via online resources, but know that Denver is home to some outstanding bootcamps.


Game Development


A Space Invaders character
Keep the world entertained for a nice paycheck.


Gaming is one of the most lucrative entertainment fields in the modern media landscape, and Denver has plenty of game design companies that are cashing in. Game companies need lots of techies to keep them running, and the folks who specialize in game development are hot commodities. With a little work, you can become a game programmer and get in on the ground floor of this growth industry.


Study your programming languages. C++ and C# will come in handy, as will Java and JavaScript. Cultivate your creative skills, which you will need as you work through problems and come up with imaginative solutions. And develop your people skills to help you work with your team toward common goals and deadlines. Pick up your skills online or via textbooks, or enroll in one of Denver’s coding bootcamps.


Drilling Support


An oil well
Ditch that old-fashioned well and get high tech on that gas.


You might not think of drilling as one of the fastest-growing industries in Denver tech, but the recent boom in gas production and shale fracking is an opportunity for all sorts of tech-minded folks, which makes it a major industry in metro Denver. Modern drilling needs a lot of infrastructure to help all parties communicate and analyze their production, and that infrastructure requires experts to keep it operating. There’s gold in them thar wells, and not just for roughnecks.


Develop your networking skills to compete for jobs with drilling analysis companies in the greater Denver area. Sun and Cisco offer networking certifications that give you the practical equipment and design experience these businesses need. Database administrators will also find ready gigs in the drilling industry; get your SQL and MySQL chops polished up and ready to go, and you can write your own ticket.




An operating room
Everybody needs medical care, and Denver businesses are cashing in.


Everybody needs to see a doctor at some point in their life, and thanks to the baby boom, healthcare is a growing field in Denver and other cities. Healthcare systems require lots of infrastructure and support to help them continue to grow and develop. If you have the right tech skills, you can look forward to a lifetime of rewarding work and hefty paychecks.


The more advanced and plugged-in healthcare becomes, the more it requires the standard battery of tech skills to keep it operating. As such, systems administrators who have a good grasp of Red Hat, Ubuntu, and other Linux flavors will find healthcare tech work without trouble. Database engineers with SQL chops can always get work in health systems support, and if you’re an experienced hand at supporting computer networks, you’re set for jobs.


So, there you go. Denver is chock-full of tech industries that make bank and need your help, but it’s crucial to know which areas want more workers. Our guide to the top tech industries in Denver show you which fields are perfect for your interests and will keep you employed and flush with cash for your entire career.


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