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The city made popular by the famous Gold Rush of America is now bustling for an entirely different reason—some may argue that this is the “Gold Rush of the 21st century”. This comparison is, of course, referring to the bustling front range city of Denver, Colorado. The tech economy of Denver is booming. With startups and corporate businesses alike all vying for a piece of the economic prosperity in Denver, the city is a central hub of technological progress and innovation.

In a city where collaboration is at the forefront of the industry, Denver is ranked amongst the top tech cities in the US. With job availability on the rise and more workers moving to this Rocky Mountains city every year, competition for the prestigious tech jobs in the city is fierce. With high standards and deep pockets, Denver tech companies are willing to pay big bucks for some of the city’s top tech talent.

Are you looking to take Denver’s tech scene by storm? We’ve got the breakdown of the top tech salaries in the Denver area.

Tech Job Trends in Denver 

There’s a different kind of gold in these hills

Made famous for the Gold Rush, Denver is now a major tech hub. 

Denver by Numbers 

The industry tech invested millions into Denver’s tech infrastructure, which has already paid off in many ways. The city now has one of the fastest internet networks in the United States, and this innovation shows no signs of slowing down.

The only thing slowing down in the city of Denver is unemployment. The city’s unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 2.9%. Denver currently boasts one of the most successful economies in all of the United States.

Aside from the workforce, Denver residents hail the city as a major cultural hub of the West. The city boasts a variety of communal events and spaces for residents, including an expansive national parks system.

Salary Breakdowns

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These are just a few of the many tech opportunities in Denver. 

Now that we’ve gotten a bit of background on Denver’s tech scene, let’s talk about the opportunities that await those willing to make the trek to the tech hub of the West. The tech industry in Denver is immense and creates a plethora of job opportunities. From building computers to managing data, the job possibilities of Denver’s tech sector are widespread. Tech salaries are high, but which positions offer the best wages? We have a breakdown of the top tech salaries in Denver.

1. DevOps Engineers – $120,000 per year

DevOps engineers are trained in many programming disciplines. They work to ensure that all systems across a network are functioning properly. DevOps engineer job requirements include database management, team coordination, program updating and maintenance, and more.

The average salary for a DevOps engineer in Denver is 120,000 per year.

DevOps engineer salaries start at around $94,000, while experienced professionals can earn as much as $153,000 per year.

2. Data Scientists – $113,000 per year 

Data scientists are currently some of the most in-demand workers in the tech industry. With the incalculable amount of data in the digital world today, these professionals are needed to collect, categorize, and protect this information for businesses. Data scientists are instrumental in improving products and software for users.

The average data scientist salary in Denver is $113,000 per year. Entry-level data scientists earn around $89,000. Experienced data scientists can potentially earn as much as $146,000 per year.

3. Mobile Applications Developer – $87,000 per year

With the world of tech increasingly happening in the mobile space, mobile application developers are more in demand than ever before. These developers work with a variety of coding languages to create functional programs for users.

The average salary for a mobile application developer in Denver is around $87,000 per year. Salaries for a mobile application developer in Denver can range from $79,000 to $96,000 per year.

4. Software Developers – $86,000 per year

As one of the most prominent job options in the tech industry, Software Developers make up a significant portion of the tech workforce. Don’t let that fact deter you from following a promising career in the world of software development. As new tech products hit the market every day, the need for competent software developers is only continuing to grow.

The average software developer salary in Denver is just over $86,000 per year. With a starting salary of $67,000 per year, Junior Software Developers will have a high starting income for the industry. With an average max salary of $116,000 per year, a software development career in Denver is a lucrative option!

5. UX/UI Design – $83,000 per year 

User experience or user interface design refers to the accessibility and overall look of a webpage. This is one of those tech careers that you don’t think about too much until you encounter a website that lacks a UX/UI touch. 

The average salary for a UX/UI designer in Denver is around $83,000 per year. This doesn’t include bonuses, stock options, or additional perks. UX/UI designers can make as low as $61,000 per year and as high as $112,000 per year. 

6. Web Developer – $77,000 per year 

Web developers do exactly as their title may suggest—they develop things on the web. From online blogs to games, web developers most possess a wide variety of skills.

The average web developer in Denver makes $77,000 per year. The low end of this salary is $53,000 per year, while the high end is around $113,000 per year.

What’s the Takeaway?

Rocky Mountain Valley in Colorado.

How does this mean for you?

It’s no secret that the city of Denver is prospering. If you’re considering making a move to the tech-forward city on the front range, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason not to make the journey. Denver’s economic system is flourishing across industry lines, and Denver’s tech center is one of many examples of the significant commitment to innovation in the city.

Thousands of companies, both big and small, coexist in Denver and the surrounding areas. The city is a perfect example of how a commitment to collaboration can lead to a world of new possibilities.

So, why should you care about the latest happenings in Denver? Even if you aren’t looking for a career in the area, Denver’s economy is something to keep your eye on. As the city’s tech influence continues to grow, who knows what new tech may come out of those beautiful Colorado mountains.

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