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Denver’s technology sector has a bright future. For years, Denver has invested in supporting technological growth in the city, and those investments have paid off. Today, the Mile High City is home to technology companies of all sizes, from Sling TV, the national tech cable company, to Funding Circle, the lending business. While areas like San Francisco still lead in the tech industry, Denver is quickly becoming a major tech hub in Colorado.


According to, Denver is one of the top cities for tech professionals due to its booming housing market, higher-than-average tech worker salaries, and its steady employment levels. In 2018, the average tech worker’s salary was $117,000, which is almost twice the national median household income. In addition, employment in the city grew by 32% between 2014 and 2019, according to Hired.


In addition, the CBRE ranked Denver as 8th on its list of top tech job markets for its 2019 Tech Talent Report. The report ranks 50 cities in the U.S. and Canada based on the quality and quantity of local labor pools. That’s not all, according to CompTIA, Denver’s tech sector contributes $30.6 billion to the local economy, equal to about 15.4% of the total economy.


The recent growth in Denver’s tech sector has resulted in an increasing demand for technical training programs that can help local workers acquire the skills they need to enter a job in the city’s tech sector. This has resulted in coding bootcamps—which are short, employment-focused technical training programs—becoming a critical talent funnel in the city.


The BootcampsDenver team has gathered data from LinkedIn and Glassdoor to produce a short report on the state of Denver’s local coding bootcamp and job markets. Our data covers the number of bootcamp graduates in Denver, the size of the city’s bootcamp market, salaries for local tech workers, and more.


To conduct this study, we analyzed data on 13 local and national coding bootcamps that serve Denver and nearby areas. The bootcamps we studied were as follows:



If you’re curious about the state of the Denver coding bootcamp or tech job markets, this report is for you!


Denver Coding Bootcamp Market Size


Denver Coding Bootcamp Market Size


Based on the data BootcampsDenver gathered from LinkedIn, we found that the 13 coding bootcamps in our analysis educated 1,360 students in 2019. Our study includes online and in-person bootcamps as well as enterprise training solutions.


Denver Coding Bootcamp Tuition


Tuition for Denver coding bootcamps ranged between $1,765 for Nucamp’s immersive full-stack web development program to $21,000 for Galvanize’s coding bootcamp course in 2019. The median tuition for Denver coding bootcamps in 2019 was $16,500.


Denver coding bootcamps lasted between 4 weeks and 28 weeks in 2019. The average length of a Denver coding bootcamp was 19.2 weeks in 2019.


Based on our estimate of 1,360 students who graduated from a Denver coding bootcamp in 2019, we estimate tuition revenue for these schools in 2019 to be $22,440,000. This number excludes scholarships and discounts and focuses on the cost of full-length Denver coding bootcamp training programs.


Six Denver-based coding bootcamps offered Income Share Agreements as a method of tuition payment at the end of 2019: Turing School, Thinkful, Hack Reactor, Galvanize, Flatiron School, and General Assembly.


Top Denver Employers for Bootcamp Graduates


Top Denver Employers for Bootcamp Graduates


The booming tech economy in Denver has resulted in a number of technology firms establishing an office in the city. To name just a few, Denver is home to SendGrid, JumpCloud, NetApp, HomeAdvisor, Ibotta, and Havenly. 


Denver has a budding startup ecosystem, too. The city is home to dozens of startups such as BiggerPockets, SonderMind, Ping Identity, and Homebot.


The BootcampsDenver team used data from LinkedIn to identify the top companies that have hired local Denver coding bootcamp grads. This data gives us a strong insight into the relationships between the top coding bootcamps and local employers.


According to LinkedIn, here are the top ten companies that have hired graduates from a Denver coding bootcamp:


  • Charter Communications
  • Ibotta, Inc
  • Lockheed Martin
  • GoSpotCheck
  • Cognizant
  • Peerfit
  • Aetna
  • US Army
  • Allstate
  • Stitch Fix


Tech Job Market in Denver


Tech Job Market in Denver


The attractive job opportunities and beautiful landscape in Denver are not all the city has to offer. While the cost of living in Denver is higher than average, local tech workers command impressive salaries, even after factoring in living costs. As we discussed earlier, according to, the average tech worker salary in Denver was $117,000 in 2018, which marked a $5,000 increase since 2017.


To give you a better idea of what salaries you can expect if you go to work for a Denver tech company, we have collected data on salaries for top tech jobs in Denver from Glassdoor. Here’s what we found:



Denver Tech Job Sectors


In addition to the impressive salaries that local Denver tech workers earn and the number of tech companies in the area, there are other reasons why Denver’s tech job market is considered to be so strong. Denver also features a significant number of jobs available in every major technical field.


So, whether you want to be a data scientist or a web developer, you’ll have no trouble finding a position that meets your needs and expectations. As more tech companies have set up shop in Denver—and as existing companies have grown—new positions have continued to open up in the city’s tech sector.


According to Glassdoor, here are the number of open positions available in a few of the top Denver tech job sectors:



Denver Bootcamp Graduate Skills


Denver Bootcamp Graduate Skills


As we have discussed, the Denver tech job market is diverse—there are many different types of jobs that collectively make up the local tech economy.


Using LinkedIn data, we discovered that web development skills were most commonly reported by Denver coding bootcamp students and graduates. 1,256 students and graduates reported knowing how to code in JavaScript; 1,170 students and graduates report knowing CSS; 843 students and grads report having learned HTML. Collectively, these three technologies are the foundation of web development and are all in-demand skills.


Here are the top 10 skills held by Denver coding bootcamp grads and students:


Skill Name Students and Graduates
JavaScript 1,256
Cascading Style Sheets 1,170
HTML 843
SQL 657
Git 532
Ruby on Rails 531
Ruby 482
Test Driven Development 479
React.js 449
jQuery 442



It’s not just the city’s tech industry that makes Denver such a special place to be. Denver is in close proximity to the Rocky Mountain National Park, great for anyone who enjoys nature. Or if you prefer culture, there’s the Denver Art Museum, Larimer Square, and other attractions. 


However, in addition to all this, Denver may be one of the best places in the U.S. to start a career in technology. Between the high salaries offered to local workers, the influx of tech companies based in the city, and the number of positions available in top tech jobs, it’s clear Denver is a great place to start a new career in tech.

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