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Collaboration is at the forefront of Denver’s thriving technology industry. With job availability on the rise and more workers moving to the city, competition for workspace is higher than ever before. With coffee shops and libraries filling up, remote workers are on the hunt for productive places to work outside of the home.

That’s where the power of coworking spaces comes in. Coworking spaces are changing the way Denver residents work and socialize. Denver’s economy continues to grow at an impressive pace. From 74% yearly growth in startups to a remarkably low 2.9% unemployment rate, Denver’s economy is booming. Denver currently ranks as the 5th most prosperous economy of a major city in the United States.

With so much action in this innovative city, we can’t help but wonder where all these people work! Coworking spaces now solve a variety of problems, and they’re changing the way we work in the process. So, which coworking spaces in Denver are worth checking out? Stick around for the breakdown of the best coworking spaces in Denver, Colorado.

What’s the Deal With Coworking Spaces? 

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Why are coworking spaces so popular? 

In case you haven’t noticed, coworking spaces are taking over cities across the globe. With this urban work environment at the forefront of the remote work industry, coworking spaces continue gaining traction with workers of all backgrounds. How did we get here, and what’s the deal with coworking spaces in Denver? Let’s break it down.

Currently, there are over 20 unique coworking spaces in downtown Denver alone, and ten more in the surrounding metro area. Coworking spaces are popping up at an insanely fast pace. What this means for Denver workers is essentially more choice and more opportunity. For those looking to attend a coworking space in Denver, the possibilities span a variety of niches, prices, and individual needs.

What Makes a Good Coworking Space?

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What makes a good coworking space?

Now that we’ve discerned what a coworking space is, the next question becomes, “is a coworking space right for you?” To answer that question, we need to identify what you want to get out of a coworking space. Most people prioritize the following three factors when deciding if a coworking space is right for them.

1. Productivity

Remote workers can be very productive, but the downside is that it requires lots of self-discipline. Distractions abound at home, and it’s easy to get sidetracked and end up watching Netflix or folding laundry instead of working. Coworking spaces eliminate many distractions and offer quiet and productive working environments.

2. Community

Coworking spaces are changing the way we learn and interact with peers. Over the next decade, coworking spaces could very well become go-to places to meet and interact with industry professionals.

Many coworking space memberships come with perks. These include free snacks, beverages, meditation rooms, gyms, and much more. Many companies also offer mixers, social events, and other get-togethers for professionals across many industries.

3. Price 

One of the biggest shocks to coworking goers who are new to the scene is usually the price. It’s easy to forget that coworking spaces would cost money because when we think of working at home or in coffee shops, those things are free. The fact is that coworking spaces can get expensive. It’s essential to look at your budget and find a coworking space that’s within your price range but still offers the amenities that you’d like.

Best Coworking Spaces in Denver 

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Do you think coworking is right for you?

Denver is home to a variety of industries and numerous high-tech businesses. Whether you’re working remotely from the office or you’re opening your own company, coworking spaces have something for everyone. With well-established chain locations and niche working spaces, coworking spaces provide unique and productive yet social areas for professionals to get work done. So, which coworking spaces in Denver are the best for you? While that may require some individual consideration on your part, we’ve scoured the streets of Denver to bring you the best coworking spaces around. Here’s the breakdown of the best coworking spaces in Denver, Colorado.

1. Galvanize – Best for Techies

Galvanize is a major coding bootcamp and has worked to make a name for itself in the technical education sector. The company has a variety of coworking spaces open to the public as well as current bootcamps students.

Open seating starts at $350 per month, reserved desks are $550 per month, and private suites are $2,400 per month. There are currently two Galvanize coworking locations in the Denver area. 

2. The Creative Farm – Best for Long Term Stays 

The Creative Farm boasts five buildings throughout the Denver area. The space is perfect for people looking for long term office stays with a tight-knit community of other professionals. As such, The Creative Farm does not offer day passes or hot desks.

Perks of the space include individual offices, galleries, studio spaces, and more. Pricing must be requested by consultation with the Creative Farm staff.

3. WeWork – Best Chain

WeWork is arguably the biggest network of coworking spaces in the world. The popular chain has numerous locations in major cities across the globe.

WeWork has 9 locations in Denver alone, and another one on the way. Denver WeWork pricing varies between sites across the city.

Memberships for individuals can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 per month based on the member’s desired membership and perks. The coworking company also offers memberships for teams and companies starting at $700 per month.

4. Green Spaces – Best for the Environmentally Conscious 

Green Spaces prides itself on being America’s first green coworking space. The company encourages a zero waste atmosphere as well as responsibly sourced material and environmentally conscious donations to eco-friendly nonprofits.

Perks of the space include a dog-friendly atmosphere, regular happy hours, recycling, composting, yoga classes, catered lunches, and much more. Monthly membership pricing starts at $195 for a part-time membership, $245 for a full-time membership, and $375 for an unlimited membership.

5. Converge Coworking – Best for Creatives

Converge Coworking focuses on creative careers. Located in Denver’s trendy River North Art District (RiNo), Converge offers a variety of spaces for creatives of all disciplines, including a painting room, a design room, a writing room, and much more. Converge calls themselves a “friendship incubator” and emphasizes the power of networking and socializing with a variety of member events.

Perks of the space include work specific areas, a conference room, a multimedia room, sound booth, home-cooked lunches, locker storage, and social media promotion. At Coverage, $75 buys four days of access per month. An unlimited plan is available for $275 per month, and $300 buys a private coworking area.

What’s the Takeaway?


Are coworking spaces the future of remote work?

We live in a new era of remote work. With the gig economy and freelancing at an all-time high, the market for quality coworking spaces is higher than ever before. Experts expect the market to grow as more people transition to remote work. Can coworking spaces supplant cafes and bookstores as the primary destination for remote workers? Only time will tell.

What we do know is that coworking spaces are changing the way we work. With productivity and social interaction at the forefront of the modern-day worker’s priorities, coworking spaces take both of these needs and combine them into professional atmospheres like no other. As the popularity of coworking spaces continues to rise, the question now becomes this: Could you one day find yourself working in a coworking space?

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